April 26th, 2001



e-mails are great. Really great..

But I don't know what's worst.. all those AOL discs (+ Microsoft Pocket PC), or.. e-mail adresses.. There's tons of them, and they throw them after you..
As soon as you sign up with a site: Hey.. congratulations.. You've got another e-mail addy.

Of course they like that.. It's a way to tie you up to them, since you have to go there to check if somebody, for some reason (other than the obligatory Xxxxxxx welcomes you to our service.. blah-blah-blah.. ) has sent a mail to you there..

Well.. at least they're good for using as an addy when you register for something, and don't want to be flooded with tons of upgrade offers, words from our sponsors/affiliates.. etc..

So.. What e-mail addys do I have..

a private one, I won't reveal.. lol
Through my ISP:

wintertimesnow@icqmail.com (Uses quite often, and it's great because it's anonymus, and you can re-direct the mail to your private mail)
thom_luka9@hotmail.com (Needed for MSN Messenger, and good for directing spams to)
koyaanisqatsi91@hotmail.com (Until now, a more private hotmail, which I use for MSN Messenger)
thomluka@yahoo.com (got it when I signed up for a free website)
Thom_Luka9@utonica.com (Love that site, and is there often)
luka91@homestead.com (Signed up for a free site there)
ThomLukaNts@netscape.net (you get it when signing up for Netscape Browser)
luka9@everyday.com (Registered for access to their site)
Thom_Luka@excite.com (They were generous when I signed up for their site. Not only an e-mail, also voice-mail: 1-888-exite2 ext. 291-387-7896, free business-cards etc)
thomluka@mac.com (Yeah.. cool.. my own macintosh addy.. one needs a macintosh to get it, and.. if you get Mac OS X you get it just like that, wanting it or not)

hmm.. i'm sure I have some more, that I can't remember at the moment..

the work with re-designing my site skips along just great, at the moment.. despite being in the middle of cleaning the apartment, and gotten The Sims some week ago.. (It's a fun game, but.. either I don't have patience.. but.. doesn't it get boring quite fast.. once you've set up your sim, moved in and get the life in basic order... doesn't it become very much routine.. the same, day in and day out..
Well.. guess life aren't that exciting in real-life neither..

Think I'm closing in on uploading the re-design.. but.. every single page has to be adjusted, and every single word has to be changed (style).
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