April 10th, 2001



It's nice to be lazy at times.. Finally getting my computer in order, I think..
But.. I'm for some reason very tired all the time.. I've toyed with the idea that I'm sick, has came down with something.. but.. I sure feels ok.. well.. basically at least. Only that I'm so darn tired.. It's way to easy to just go to bed, continue reading my new Stephen King Novel, "Dreamcatcher". I've only made about 100 pages.. 500 to go... that way I can't really tell if it's good or not.. Of course, all King's novels are good reads.. as in.. once you start, you wanna go on reading it to the end... This, of course, is no different from that..

Just got mail.. nothing.. well.. junk, but.. nothing.. I don't know.. love, absolutely adore getting mail.. To open the mailbox and find something, not bills of course, for me.. A simple but great joy... A personal letter, or a new DVD or something..

I kinda miss that. I used to write tons of letters.. Very long letters.. and of course, got a lot of replies etc.. But.. I never seem to have time, or patience, to sit down and start writing anymore. There's always something else.. mostly the computer I admit.. One or another thing.. Using Filemaker to make an inventory of all the stuff I've collected, and yes.. I do have a lot.. writing on a screenplay (Gee, I should start that again because now, for sure, it were a long time since I did that..) or be online.. chatting, looking for stuff etc..
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