April 9th, 2001



And I'm still fighting with the computer.. Nothing really wrong with it, but.. one sure wants the computer to be a transparent tool.. something you simply work with, without thinking about the computer. For some reason, I did decide to get Mac OS X, which.. well.. works entirely different.. A cross between Windows NT and Mac OS, it feels like, and.. everything you do feels very controlled by the computer, in order to protect itself.. and at times, you try to do something, nothing happens, and you don't know what the heck went wrong.. no indication, nothing.. and you sure doesn't know how to fix it.

On a happier or sadder note. I don't know exactly. Someone interesting, Ana Voog of Anacam, posted some pics in her journal about menstruation. Not exactly pretty pictures, but... hey, it's nature, and nothing she should take shit for. Now it ended ok, but..

One thing that upsets me most, is things unfair. It's really unfair that people should be teased, bullied, hunted etc for something they can't do anything about. What gives another person the right to judge what is right or wrong. If someone is tall or short. Is that something they can do anything about? If the have small or big penis? Small or big breasts? Pretty or ugly nose? Wearing glasses or not? Being black, white, Asian or whatever? Gay or straight?

In my view, nobody has any right in any way, to judge over another person. I like movies, I hate sport.. I can argue about that, but what gives somebody the right to look down on me, to say that what I like, do and think, is the right or wrong way to think?

In my view, as long as someone doesn't hurt anybody else, they've got the right to be the way they are. If I agree with that, fine. If I don't agree with that, no need for me to bother with that.

I want to live my life the way I want, to be the way I want, and do as much as possible. I am the way I am, if people likes that, cool.. if they don't.. that's fine.. I'll not gonna force myself on you..
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