March 28th, 2001


MacOS X (10)

Yay!!! Well.. got the the new MacOs today, so now It's gonna be a lot of work installing that on the computer, updating software that only works with MacOS 9 - X etc. That way, even if I reformatted not long ago, I think I'll start from scratch, doing most of it again. At least, now I don't have to sort all the stuff I was sorting back then, so.. it's gonna be a touch faster. The last time, back in January I think, I did a major job sorting all the files, basically, on the computer. Trashing things I didn't need, and putting everything in the right folders etc. Even if I'll do some of that now, it's not that much now.
Well.. we'll see how this works.. If I'm able to update this journal anytime soon, or if everything goes to hell and I have to do some serious work getting back on track again.
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