March 27th, 2001


Sorry, not that many updates yesterday..

I guess I were tired since Oscars got in their way, and then, in the end, the more than lovely Abunai got in the way. She's great, so I don't mind her getting in the way a lot more.. lol
Actually, we discussed my homepage.. and, well, she's a tough critic which, even if they're what SHE feels strongly about, useful in a whole. I really wish for my site to work across the board, and she sure is, at least at the moment..In the end tho, I can only do it the way I want it, and what it looks like on my monitor. Following my heart, which is very much the theme of the site anyway. Also, her friend Candi (a really lovely and interesting person) said I should, since I can't please everyone anyway.

Still.. It would be useful for me, I think, to work on some site with Abunai. I'm good at design/layout, I think. At least many people say that. I guess I'm very visual minded. At the same time, Abunai knows everything about coding, scripts etc, which I doesn't.

Darn.. memory!

And I wonder when I'm gonna remember to include these mood things..
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Just came home from work.. so now, one can start to live again..

Hmm.. saw an internal Free Jobs-ad today, they post a letter every week with avaible jobs, and I have to apply for it. Web Editor for their site. I'm sure I won't get it, but.. I simply can't let it pass without trying. But, they do want college education and experience from Journalism etc.. And I have neither, really, even if I have freelanced some for the local morning paper, and have work practice 2 there 2 times in High School..
Nice.. Sit and write and update web-site at work, then go home and continue doing the same with my own.. Did anyone said LIFE? And.. I'll probably end up with square eyes!
Well.. we'll see what it ends up in.. But, the chanses of me getting it, are so slim I don't even dare to hope I would be lucky. But, if I do search, they'll know me, and maybe if something else pops up..

Well.. now I'm gonna start working on my site, doing some re-design..
Am a touch tired tho.. Still has some sleep to catch up, since Oscars got in the way one night, and Abunai and Regina yesterday.. (Don't mind the latter tho.. They're really lovely, and sleep is nothing against chatting with them!