March 22nd, 2001


Nothing Special.. so far

I've only been up for like 2 hrs.. Gee.. time flies.. It feels like 5 mins ago.. The sad part is that the time is 4.15 pm.. Yeah.. I know.. Well.. didn't go to bed until about 7 am.. That's me folks! I'm a night-creature.. Hmm.. wonder how that affects jet-lag when I do my planned trip to U.S. this summer.. I mean.. I'm already living in those time-zones.

Should start working on my site. Always that.. work on site... Well.. I don't complain that bad about it.. I mean.. I've started it because I want to, and have to take what it means. The problem is, I guess, is that it's only half-done, as in, it needs finishing before I can kinda relax, and sit back and only do small updates. That I don't mind. What bothers me is to start doing things. I'm lazy by nature I guess, as in. I know there's a lot to do, that it's gonna take time doing, and for some reason that puts me off from even start doing it. Once I've started, even if it's not the most fun all the time, I'm extremely relaxed about it, and can sit for hrs doing it, and not think about it.. Except when I do take a break and find that half my body has fallen asleep, and you wish the other half were too, since it aches from having been in one position for way too long.