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Thom' Luka

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Yesterday, when I walked to work, I brought my camera..

It had been misty and humid the evening before, and with the cold during the night, it had frozen.. into dazzling white crystals that covered everything.. mostly visible on the naked trees, that now were white..
like giant snow-sculptures..

Don't worry.. I'll post pictures in luka91_photo, which is a journal I've created for posting pics and texts about photographing.. Maybe some anecdotes from when I've been photographing..

But.. well.. yesterday night.. it snowed, or something.. was more like tiny, wet ice-crystals.. and today.. when I went to work.. that had frozen to the trees, making them stupendously beautiful.. way more than yesterday..

Of course.. since I had photographed yesterday, I didn't brought the camera along.. :(

When am I gonna learn?

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