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Book Sale..

And.. it was time for the yearly book sale they've got in Sweden..

Every February 25, or close, they have a huge sale on books, all over Sweden (Where they sell books).

Usually it's hardcover books they've printed too many copies of.. as in.. Books they've got in stock, or has been returned from the bookstores. Some because they're out in paperback, which means the hardcover doesn't sell as well any longer. That way, they sell those to get rid of them, at about the same price as a paperback..

It's both Fiction as well as Non-fiction, and when it comes to Non-fiction, you can make a real good bargain.. Dictionaries etc, for a fraction of the cost. 10 - 20% of what they normally cost..

Mostly I've bought Non-fiction books, and not that many books, but this year I sat and booked a lot of books through Internet, and.. well.. went for Fiction only, since it wasn't that much Non-Fiction that interested me.

Picked them up today..

All in Swedish, even if I'd prefered if they'd been in English (At least the ones that's written in English).

Jude Deveraux - "Att Tämja En Man" (The Taming) - 290 pages

David Baldacci - "Sanningen" (The Simple Truth) - 422 pages

David Baldacci - "Vinnaren" (The Winner) - 473 pages

Ken Follet - "Svärdet och Spiran: Stormarnas Tid & Maktens Skörd" (The Pillars of the Earth) - 612 pages

Tracy Chevalier - "Flicka med pärlörhänge" (Girl with a pearl earring) - 246 pages

Anita Shreve - "Där vågorna bryts" (Fortune's Rocks) - 397 pages

Arthur Golden - "En geishas memoarer" (Memoires of a geisha) - 455 pages

Kerstin Ekman - "Urminnes Tecken" (Swedish book) - 205 pages

Fredrik Lindström - "Världens dåligaste språk" (Swedish non-fiction about words and the use of words) - Paperback 220 pages

Johanna Nilsson - "Rebell med frusna fötter" (Swedish book) - 234 pages

K.C. McKinnon - "Sista dansen på Harvest Moon" (Dancing at the Harvest Moon) - 204 pages

Nick Hornby - "En god människa" (How to be good) - 296 pages

Nick Hornby - "High Fidelity och Fever Pitch - En i laget" ("High Fidelity" / "Fever Pitch") - Paperback with both novels 250 + 292 pages

John Irving - "Ciderhusreglerna" (The Cider House Rules) - 588 pages

Penelope Evans - "Isjungfrun" (Freezing) - 237 pages

Margaret Atwood - "Den blinde mördaren" (The Blind Assassin) - 544 pages

"Kalevala" - (Finland's National Epos) - 380 pages of lyrical "songs")

Hmm.. 6,345 pages..

Well.. see ya in a year or two :P

Hmm.. and it was like.. 1,010 SEK (£75.30 / $119.50 / Euro 110.60) for all of it.. not bad..

But.. it was death carrying them all home.. Broke my back, and my arms felt like spaghetti..

And when I got home.. I had a postcard from dallandra in Rome.. She's the greatest.. Wish I could go to Rome, and visit Cine Citta.. Hugs!!

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