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Thanks to miabella and her talk about houses, I started thinking about my dreamhouse, and if it was possible to make it in "The Sims". Well.. started out trying, and with a nice cheat that gave me tons of money, I did my best.. It's not exactly a blue-print or anything, but.. the general idea is there.. There's no washing machines in The Sims, no Home Theater Equipment with a video projector.. The sizes are all screwed up, looking far bigger than they actually would be in real life.

The basic idea is 2 floors, with the upper floor only covering half of the house, leaving the other half open, with lots of headroom.

That pic best describes the general idea, I think.

Another of the upper floor. The "private", relaxing area I think, with bedroom, bathroom and a "dressing-room". I have changed my idea a little tho.. thinking I'll have my computer etc, up there..

A general living room/home theater.. As I said, I would possibly move the computer to the upper floor instead. I would have a TV there, for basic watching, but also a screen for the video-projector there. Wouldn't have the stereo there tho, except the Home Theater speakers..

The rest of the bottom floor, with the kitchen. Now I'll probably have a smaller bathroom down there, with the main bathroom upstairs. Especially since I couldn't work out the layout so that you could go out to the back, and the terrace from it. The other rooms are a small storage room for food, Laundry-room etc..
Of course, it doesn't seem to exist any cars, except the one taking you to work, in the Sims, so there's no garage and tool-"shed" etc.. Also, I guess I need some kind of defined entrance..
Guess it's back to The Sims and start re-designing..

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