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Had an appointment at the dentist..

Was there about a month ago, since I needed to pull out a wisdom-tooth, and then set up a time for examination etc..

Well.. It's about as bad as I thought, in a sense.. Actually, I did think it was worse than it is.. But.. it was.. X-rays and a check, and talk about what should/could be done etc.. I really have lousy teeth, that seems to fall apart just looking at them.. and it seems to do that, no matter how well I take care of them..

The dentist talked about that.. Since they really shouldn't degrade as fast as they do, as much as they've done since the last time, they should check for explanations etc.. since it's no point of fixing whatever needs fixing, if that work is ruined not before long anyway..

Still, since it wasn't as bad as I feared, I did feel some kind of hope and in a good mood when I left. That I didn't have to pay as much as I thought, sure helped as well..

Well.. still.. I guess I needed some "comforting" and with money left over, in my pocket.. I went to Hemköp/Åhlèns.. (yeah.. really would have done that anyway.. at least to Hemköp, since I did need to buy some food and stuff..

Went to Åhléns first and did end up buying Sim City 4 (Strange.. thought the previous ones were Sim City 2000 and 3000.. Why not 4000?). Slightly expensive, and I do have 3000, which made me kinda.. well.. in the end, I couldn't resist it..

Did buy some "Interior Designer 3D" as well.. Very cheap, which was the main reason.. Well.. I have been looking for something like that, but, wasn't willing to spend any money on it.. not that much anyway..

Also bought a CD-single. "In-grid: Tu m'as promis...", which is numbe two on the chart, and played heavily on the radio.

Off to "Hemköp" and buy some stuff in general.. Milk, bread, Barilla Spagetti, noodles, cheese etc.. and... ROOT BEER!!! Yay!!!!!!!

Gray's, which import "American stuff" and do have some stores, is, it seems, setting up a special shelf at some stores etc, to sell some selected stuff there.. Pancake Syrup, Pancake mixes, Oreos, Marshmallow Fluff etc.. and.. Root Beer. Was a new brand tho, which I haven't tasted yet.. (hmm.. White Rock.. A touch too sweet.. not that much of the "Toothpaste" taste (as anniz described it). Have tested better.. still, it's better than nothing :) )

Stopped next door at "Marangoni", the prime café/bakery/cake shop, and bought one of their "Semla" (it's a caramom bun, big, where you cut off the top, have some cream and almondpaste, before placing the top on top of that) since I think they've got some of the best ones I've tasted.. Couldn't resist..

Have thought I'd write something about the Iraq-thing, but.. don't have time now, before I go to work :(

I so hate having to leave for work.. and when I'm there, I so long for the day to end, so I can go back home..

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