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I guess I should be able to come up with a "subject" but..


Now, of course, I'm not sure, but..

I guess, about 3 - 4 months ago, I did have a 85 cm/34" waistline.. or something like that..

At work, I've weighted myself every now and then, and.. I do guess I reached 76-77 kg / 167 - 169 lbs, with clothes and tools and stuff.. which I guess adds about 2 kg/6lbs

Measured myself not long ago.. 2 weeks ago, and was down to a waistline of about 83 cm/32" and at work, same conditions: 71 kg/156 lbs..

Now, measured today, and has a waistline of 80 - 81 cm/31" and is down to about 69 - 70 kg / 152 -154 lbs down at work..

I guess.. in reality, serious weight, I'm about 67 kg / 147 lbs..

No.. I'm not trying to lose weight or anything.. even if I am happy about the fact..

Only problem is that.. well..

the clothes do start to feel a touch big..

Especially my underwear.. since I do tend to walk around at home in only that, most of the time.. it's quite annoying, when they doesn't seem to want staying up etc..


Oh.. Another thing.. got a letter from my Penpal Jane, in B.C., Canada.. Yay!!!

Acutally finished a letter back, a reply on her previous letter, today as well..

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