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In a poll, only 30% of the Brits supports/wants a war/want's UK to participate in a war against Iraq.

Now.. something that's at the foundation of my belief..

I don't think war solves anything, and can't really think of a war (wens probably could come up with something) that has made any huge difference for the better. More often, made a bad situation worse.. (That doesn't include pure revolts tho, even if some of those hasn't made anything better).

WWII might be an exeption. I'm not sure..

Usually, war creates a hatred that most likely will pop up in some shape later.. War, and/or military power, for some reason has some ability to create new wars..

The most common cause for a hatred, which might create war (or lately Terrorism), is the fact that those who hate, does feel stepped on.. they're shooed away and has no hope, doesn't feel they get any respect, instead of getting invited, respected and listened to.

Now.. this isn't about the war that might come against Iraq. It's about war as such, war as a solution to something considered a problem.. (Even if you always can question why someone has a problem with something in the first place, why they consider it a problem).

I doesn't care who is right or wrong.. I doesn't put any values in it.. To me, war isn't a sport even where you bet who's going to win, and where you're able to cheer someone.. In the end, it's always destructive. At least I think so.

And.. if I'm gonna step a touch closer to the situation at the moment, and have some thing might be taken for a comment. (It's not, really.. it's just an observation that I think is a truth, no matter what side you're on, or whatever country you put it on..)

The best way of uniting a people of a nation, make them walk in one direction, is to CREATE a common enemy outside of that country. To create a "devil" you can share the hatred towards. The boogey man or the monster in the closet.. The more you can make him/it the devil of all devils, the more hatred you're able to create, and a believe that some goverment/ruler actions is justified.. The less questioning that goverment/ruler gets.

It's useful in every single way. If you feel like going to war.. if you want to make your own nations population into willing slaves.. if you want to boast the: Home Sweet Home. feeling.

Japan have a huge average living area.. a lot bigger than UK, about the same as Germany, less than USA. The subway stations in the buisiness districts of New York, London, Stockholm is as busy and crowded during rush hour, as the 3 - 4 most central subway stations in Tokyo is at Rush Hour. That's plain facts, which you can look it up if you want.. Still.. we're fed that myth.. the myth of Japan being the most crowded place in the world. If a TV team goes to Japan to do something about Japan.. They do want to show what is typical of Japan, or.. what the viewers identify Japan with.. What we, in our minds think about Japan.. What's the point of showing a business street that looks exactly like a business street in New York or London or Germany, Sweden, etc.. It's better to show old Kyoto etc.. Old temples, and "exotic" looking signs and other things we identify Japan with. Our myth of Japan. Why the myths? Well.. we want it to be "strange".. to be something different (or at least some wants us to think that), since we need something that feels "strange", that isn't "comfortable and safe here". A collective mind, having somehting we could ridicule.

How come that all "exotic" and dangerous animals live in other countries? Is it because all dangerous animals, plants etc.. is in other countries, or is it because we want to "fear" the outside, and feel "safe" inside? The impression that, as soon as you take one step outside of your own region's borders, you have to be on guard, because you could be dead the very next second.. killed by terrorists, a poisionous snake, by a deadly disease.. ?

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