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I do think that everyone should have their individual rights, personal freedom, as long as it doesn't (seriously) hurt someone else..

For some reasons, I've read a lot of posts that celebrates individual rights, personal freedom etc..

As in the case of someone consiously putting others at life-threatning danger having sex with various men while knowing she had HIV, without informing them (In Sweden, it's considerd to be against the law to not inform sexual partners that you're having HIV if you know about it). She even lied about it, on a direct question.

In another post someone defended the right to drive under influence, considering it to be someones right to drive being drunk or stoned etc.

Now, I'm a liberal, and do believe people should have the basic rights of doing what they want to do. Express themself in manners that suit them, etc. I do believe in personal responsibility, to some degree, as in.. once you're holding a thing in your hand, it's your responsibility and not someone elses, if you happen to wound yourself on it, unless, of course, it's clearly a serious flaw with the thing that wounds you.

The thing is.. personal rights only goes so far, as yourself. When it hurts someone else, in some way, or if it's a very high chance of it doing that, as it not being responsible behaviour driving drunk since the chance of you being in an accident, wounding/killing someone else, are a lot higher than if you weren't drunk. Then, personal rights stop, in my view.

Of course, you could always object to what's considered "dangerous". Most countries I know about, has laws agains using motored vehicles under influence of drugs that affects your judgement, since it can be lethal. The same with HIV, which most likely is lethal, which is why it's against the law to spread it to someone else, while, say herpes isn't since it isn't lethal.

Still... I hope I have the freedom to think that...

everyone should have their individual rights, personal freedom, as long as it doesn't (seriously) hurt someone else..

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