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Most of us see a lot of movies..

A lot of us complains about remakes and/or sequels..

The thing with remakes is that they more often than not, loses what made the the original special (Often because they do copy something, as in mimicing the original, rather than making an original movie based only on a screenplay). Now it might be hard to judge a remake, since you might have seen the original and expects the same, and looks for differences, but still is bored if it's nothing new.

As for sequels, they're, more often than not, more of a remake of the original, but with a bigger budget. Rush Hour is a perfect example. In the first, Jackie Chan goes to USA, in Rush Hour 2 Chris Tucker goes to Hong Kong and you can have the same "Fish out of water" in both, but flipped around. They also tend to re-use a lot of the things they know the audience loved the first time around. They seem to think that: "If it worked once, it will work twice".

Usually a number 3 works way better, since they often doesn't remake the previous ones, but come up with something new, such as Die Hard. You've got your "we do the same thing again, but instead of a skyscrape, we use a whole airport" sequel, before they came up with a, basically, totally different storyline in Die Hard 3, which in many ways works as a more direct sequal to the first.

Still, if they made a "serious" re-make/sequel, which movies would you love see updated, or see a number 2 of.

Two movies pops into my mind directly. One of each.

As for an update, I'd love to see Ladyhawke remade. It's a story, and movie, I absolutely love. Still, when I saw it on DVD not that long ago, there were aspects of it that I absolutely hated. Such as the distinct 80's look of it, as well as that hideos music (it's funny that both of them felt really good back when it was new etc, but today.. Geez!). The main problem is.. Who could ever replace Rutger Hauer (OK, Viggo Mortensen would do great I think) and Michelle Pfeiffer, since they're perfect. Also, a lot of scenes are darn perfect, and it's hard to imagine them being able to to remake them directly, and you'd hate it if they weren't there. Matthew Broderick might be hard to replace as well, since he's got a personality that kinda fits the part.

In a sense, I'd love to see "Where Eagles Dare" remade. At least I thought that, but looking at the movie, every single thing was so perfect, it would be impossible to "replace" it.

As for a sequel, there's some movies I'd love to know what happened later.. Strangely, very few of the movies that actually has gotten a sequel fits among those. Even if it was great movies as such.

I dunno.. for some reason, I imagine a The Craft sequel would be able to work.

Wouldn't mind seeing more "The Long Kiss Goodnight" neither..

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