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Going Back To Chicago (The Blues Brothers)

After the Bridges of Madison County and Winterset (What a lovely name, I'd like to move there for the name alone), I started to chase a thunderstorm. Ok.. wasn't exactly intentional. It was in the way, and it was moving east, as I was. Caught up with it, and it was kinda nice. Lightning everywhere. Well.. basically 5 places where tit was ligtning all the time. As well as inside the clouds, and from cloud to cloud.
Traveling down I-80. Sun being behind me, in front of me, complete darkness. Ahead of me, slightly to the left, a rainbow. Ahead, and over to the right, Lightning.
Stopped at a restplace. Was thinking I should have a nap, but moved on and soon caught up with the thunderstorm and the rain again. I don't like driving in the dark in the first place, with rain, it's totally awful. That they drive the fastest in the worst conditions in USA, sure doesn't help.
In general, traffic moved at about the same as the Speed Limit. But when it was 5 or 6 lanes past Lincoln and Omaha, the average speed were way over the speed limit, and when it was dark and raining, and you could only see like 2 seconds in front of you. Let's say... despite going the same as the speed limit, I have never been passed that often by cars going 10 miles/h over the speed limit. What.. Darn.. now it's so lousy conditions, we better drive at breaknecking speed to get away from it, or..
I stopped at a Super 8 motel in Iowa City instead, just to get away from the lousy road conditions (that wouldn't have been that bad if everybody hadn't driven so fast).
Debated with myself if I should go to Wisconsin or not. Since I had time, I decided I'd do it. Was a good choise, since the road took me past some really scenic parts. Not as stunningly beautiful as Black Mesa, but.. with the road following a river, with a steep hill on the other side, and with vegetation creating a tunnel, it was really special. (Between Dixon and Rockford, Illinois) Came into Wisconsin, and immediatly lost the way. Actually, I got totally lost. Didn't even found the way I'd come. Well.. eventually, I found my way. Drove towards the Lake, before turning south, towards Chicago. Drove through Lake Geneva, which was.. well.. very neat and pretty, but seemed to be extremely expensive.
Made my way back to Vauntess, and had dinner. While waiting for a table, it was Wednesday, and extremely crowded, I went over to Walgreens and left my the 4 films I'd shot along the road, to get them developed. Better be safe than sorry. I didn't wanted prints, just the film developed, so I didn't have to going through the X-Ray machines at the airports. They're supposedly not gonna damage the film, but.. with a least 2 machines, maybe more, each machine can add a little.
After dinner, some chatting with Vauntess and a Hug :), I went to Barnes & Nobles across the square, and bough The Shining on DVD. It's region 1, and I don't have my DVD-player modified for that yet, so I can't see it, but the US version is 142 mins long, while in Europe it's always been 120 mins. In theaters as well as on video/laserdisc. That way, I thought it better to get the long version when I could. Also bought a couple of CDs. Found a Motel 6. When I came there, there were tons of frenchmen checking in. With bicycles. Apparently, they were gonna bike from Chicago, and following Route 66 west to somewhere. They had lots of problem with getting the Magnetic Keys to work. Finally it was my turn. Ordered a room, single, smoking etc. Then, a really attractive woman, about my age, said she'd basically have the same. Well.. got my room, and went to it. Darn.. Should have commented that why make it 2 singles, when we could have shared a double. No wonder I made this trip alone.
Thursday. Time to go home. But not until the evening. Drove planlessly around the outskirts of Chicago, before I gave up, returned the car and went to the aiport. If I weren't gonna do anything, I could as well do it on the airport.

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