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Just saw 2 really good movies on one of the Movie Channels (Canal+).

The UK "Beautiful People", which is an English "Short Cuts" in a sense. As with "Short Cuts", you follow some people, which all have something to do with "Former Yugoslavia". The former neighbours, now bitter enemies since one of them is Croat, the other Serb. The drug-addict that ends up in Bosnia by mistake. It's mostly set in London, tho. The movie, as with a lot of UK movies, shows misery. The people are full of hate, living in miserable conditions etc. In the end, when it all comes together, the movie is about the beautiful in people. That people are generally the same, with the same needs etc, and reckognising that, are able to care about each other.
I'm not sure how to describe it: Strangely touching.

The other movie, following directly after, was "The Theory of Flight", with Kenneth Branagh and Helena Bonham Carter.
Very touching and extremely funny, about a very odd couple. He having a lot of Mind demons, while she has a very sharp mind trapped in a degrading body.
As a story, it's not that different from a lot of other movies. That about someone coming into a persons, or, more common, a group of people, life and changing their life to the better. "Benny & Joon", "Down and Out in Beverly Hills", "Edward Scissorhands", "Six Degrees of Separation", "The Fisher King" etc. Even if it's a traditional story, it's one of the best stories around. Often creating good, charming movies. This isn't the best, but.. really good. The problem is that it's such a "small" movie, played out in a very quiet way. That way, it won't stay in the mind, as a movie such as "Edward Scissorhands" does, which has far stronger emotions. But during it's running time, well.. there are a lot worse ways of spending that time.

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