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Winter Wonderland for nakedfairy

Since nakedfairy requested pics of snow.. Not having that much snow where she lives..

of course.. Everyone else missing snow, can have a look too..

When you wake up at 5 a.m and the thermometer shows - 20 C (- 5 F), you're met with half a meter (2 ft) of snow outside the door..

Spirits might not be at their highest, I tell you.. Especially if you've got a car, which looks like a giant piece of ice... (Remember that scene in Fargo with Macy in the parking lot?). It's easy to become really, really tired..

Other times, it's such joy with the snow.. The ability to make a snowman, or to run around throwing snow at someone.. Few things, in my mind, are able to bring back the child in you, as snow.. if you let that happen..

Other times, it's such beauty, you're just walking around in total amazement..

Winter, if not that pleasant all the time, for sure can be the most strikingly beautiful season there is..

And.. as usual.. some more images are avaible in my Yahoo Group

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