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Bridges of Madison County

When I woke up in Salina, whatever rain and thunder there were, had passed. Except 5 drops of rain hitting my car outside of Clayton, NM. When it comes to downtowns, Salina, Kansas was among the most beautiful I saw in USA.

Well.. I moved on. Up to Nebraska and I-80 East. Omaha was kinda scary, with all Highways coming together and going out and tons of lanes, and the fastes traffic I experienced in USA.
Iowa. Another drastic change. Suddenly, all fields were terraces. Being that close, I had to take a detour down to Madison County and see one of the famous covered bridges. So, after some country roads and even some unpaved, I were at Roseman Bridge. The main bridge of the book, and the one used in the movie. It was.. nice. Very beautiful, but the most charming thing about it, was inside. Something you don't see that often, even if you actually see some of it in the movie. Yeah.. I had to check that out once I got home. The carved/scratched names inside. Whatever, being there, were really plesant. With the movie and the book being out some 6 - 7 years ago, it's not that much people there, even if it were 2 others car there, while I were there, so I guess it's a steady stream. Apperently not as much as at the height of all the fuzz around the book and movie, when at least 178 tour buses came there during the summer of '95 (compared to 9, two years earlier). The good thing is that, with the decline of tourists, the nearby torist-shop had a sale. Not exactly cheap, but.. compared to what it had been before, it was. Bought a T-shirt with the Bridge, and a book (The book of the Film "The Bridges of Madison County") for half it's original price. Now I think I would've bought it anyway, since I absolutely love that movie (haven't read the novel) and loves movies in general.

Forgot to ask why they built covered bridges, stupid of me. A thing, I guess, I hadn't thought about before. I was lucky. Had a tourist brochure about Madison County with me home, and they answered my question in it. The wood used for the bridges were extremely expensive. That way, they covered the bridge with cheaper wood, to protect the expensive wood from the weather.

While there, I went into Winterset (The main town of Madison County) and had a look at the house were John Wayne was born. Well.. I passed it on the street outside, at least. Only stopped to snap away a picture of it. Even if I love movies, I'm not crazy, and sure not about John Wayne. I guess he's an American "hero", more than anything else, and even if he's famous around the world, he's not that big. Especially in Europe, Clint Eastwood is THE star, in a way that's closer to what John Wayne is in USA.

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