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Meaning of life..

I wrote a comment in gwendoline's journal, and.. well.. jema has asked about it once, but even if I've started to write a long reply to her question, I thought this pretty well sums some of the things up.. Slightly short, but.. until I get around to finish that long entry, this might do..

I've got some kind of worldview to, in a way, try to explain (mostly to myself), the meaning of life...
If you have the assumption that there's some kind of big power. That life is "created" and part of some kind of process, there has to be some kind of meaning with that. Some kind of point to our existence.
The way life is created, in order to make the "process" to work. To make the machinery work and run smoothly. We have som kind of task in that machinery, which is the main reason for us to exist. A way of keeping the Big Wheel, going.

I think that the most important part of that "task", which is the main meaing of life for us, is "love". We're here on Earth to love each other, and to "reproduce". To see to it, that our species survives. It being humans or Musk oxes or some flower or whatever that lives here on Earth. The humans has an obligation to fall in love, make love and make sure that our art lives on. That generations are replaced by generations. To keep the process going, and not put a halt to the Wheel.

Humans, in that process, has some kind of unique position. We have a certain intelligence. Maybe we should see ourselves as "Garderners", that with our way of doing things, would be able to take care of this planet, to see to it that the process that is life, works smoothly, and keep the balance of the Wheel. (Now, personally, I think we're doing one heck of a bad job with that.. Sometime during our history, somebody came up with the idea we're "special", an animal a touch more equal than the other animals. We're the chosen ones, with some privileges. That we had, more or less, the same power as the Creator, and the right to decide over life). That, I'd say is some general, human, meaning of life. Our responsibility.

To be able to to fulfill that, we're born slightly different. We're made in the same basic mould, but each have our own personality. Our own "heart". We've got certain talents, a special place in life. A direction, that is our private meaning of life. The ONE thing, we feel motivates us to strive further. The task we're hoping we'll be remembered by, when our time in life is over. That dream that makes us go on living.

I really was searching hard for words in those last sentences, in order to explain the point I was trying to explain. I guess, if I try to explain what I feel about myself, when it comes to that, it might shed some light. I've always heard that I'm talented when it comes to words (How ironic :P), and images. The talent I've got to photograph, the talent I have to tell stories through moving images. Even if I also have a very strong interest in these things. They entertain me, gives me pleasure. It's my favorite pasttime. Still, it's not my interest. Not really. My talent, is my language. It's through my talent, I express my interest. My main interests is Philosophy and Psychology, in order to.. well.. find answers. To try to find the various pieces of the puzzle, to sort them and to create an image. Hopefully, create some kind of idea, that will be of some good. I can't not do it, because, somewhere in my "heart", I want the good of people in general. I'm upset about a lot of things I think is "wrong", and I just feel I have to do SOMETHING. I just can't stand on the side, and do nothing. That is the thing that motivates me. Some kind of wish that, what I do will be of some help of making life a better thing to experience. That is my motivation. My purpose. The wish, and dream, that keeps me going. That stops me from just lay down and die. I could've served that purpose in many ways. I could've been a politician, or I could've been a fighter, up on the barricades wawing a weapon. But I'm not. My language is through art, through stories and images, which might inspire people to see the beautiful in life, and fight for the good fight. To influence the ones that fight on the barricades, or whatever way they are best suitable to "fight".
It's not of my choice to do that. I've not picked my language, I've not decided to have those interests. It's as simple as: I just have them.

The meaning of life is also death. Without deaht, life would, in may ways, be pointless to most of us. Now we do feel the need to do something. The need to make our existence valuable, while we can. While we're still alive.

Or, rather, we return to become dead materia. I imagine that "life" is some kind of energy, some force, that inhabit bodies. That everything is dead shell's, able to contain that "Life". It's not a life, until it's filled with "Life", and when that "Life" leaves that body, it's without life again. It doesn't matter if it's a human, or some other kind of animal (as we see it) or some plant. Whatever, that's only cells and atoms. It's only different empty shells.
All the various life-forms, do have it's characteristics, that make them what they are, how they act and their "purpose". The way we attribute vaious things on various animals (even if some, of course, is totally ourself looking for attributes in ourself). I do think the time that "life energy" spends inside a body, creates some kind of mark on that "life energy". Some kind of experience it gains, that lives on in it.

I do think that the amount of "energy" is limited, as in there being only a certain umber of lifes being able to live at the same time (I'm not going into that, but.. within that amount, it needs to be a certain balance. If the number of humans increase, it's gonna take a toll out of the other, what we call "nature" (as in humans as separated from nature). When a "host" for that "life energy" cease working, dies, the "life energy" returns to whatever, where it mixes with the rest of the avaible "life energy". Then, when tere's a new "host" needing life, some of that "life energy" is used, and since the energy isn't individual, not contained as one unit, the new life-form would get "life energy" with different characteristics, different imprints, and the new life would have a certain personality that has traces from the imprints the "life energy" would have. As a basic example, one could say that.. if a person has a natural agility, it might be from having some "life energy" (I wish I had a word for it, but refuses to use the word "soul", since that's so intimately connected to religion in most people's minds) that originated from a cat/cats. But that person would also be in a lot of different ways as well, because of the heritage from a lof of various sources, with different characteristics. That creating a somewhat unique personality, but who still obeys the general rules of being a human (thanks to the limitations or possibilities the human body offers).
In that sense, it's a form of re-incarnation, but not in the sense that it's an individual being re-incarnated as a new individual.


Now, as I said, this is only a very short description. As basic as I could write it, and still get some sense to it.

Do I believe in what I wrote above? Yes, and no. It's not like it's some kind of faith, or anything. Actually, I'd hate if someone "believed" in that. If it were a religion, as an example. I don't even know if I believe in a god, a creator, or not. If there's actually a meaning to life in some way. To some degree I do, to some degree I doesn't. In fact, I really doesn't think much about it at all. I've never, actually, even, really, pondered the though if there's a meaning to life, and what that would be, if it is. I may question my own existence, if there's a point of me to go on living or not. If my existence would make some kind of difference or not, as in: Would someone miss me, if I disappeared? But, I never think about it in general terms. I didn't think: What is the meaning of life?, and came up with that. It's more of the other way around, as in creating that view, and realising that might be the meaning of life, if there is one.

The description above, is more of a "vessel" or a notice-board, where I've placed my opinions about things, my ideas about things (sometimes in abstract ways, sometimes direct). In a sense, that description above, is as if I've placed, and moved around, my "ideas" on a wall, and used a pen to connected the dots. Maybe adjusted the places of the dots as I do, to create a "vision", where sometimes, I've needed to place some new dots to fill in the gaps, where those dots are the result of seing an idea of that "vision". But, that "vision", that "idea", allows me to add new thoughts to it and place it in the right positions, and see it in relation to all the other things. A mental filing cabinet in the shape of a visual image.

Do I believe in it? To some degree, I would love to do that. In some sense, it obviously reflects thoughts and ideas I have. But still I would call that, even if some of the ideas are "real", a totally fictious thing. It's not in that way, at all, I think. It's more like.. I have this idea why all people, all animals etc, are worth the same, and that, with the "life energy" is a description of that.

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