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NOw, this is weird..

Our national mail-service, Posten. Some time ago, they got rid of most of their offices, and instead created in-stores offices. As in, today we have to buy our stamps (Actually, there's basically only pre-paid envelopses etc, avaible), get our packages etc, the things costing money or being too big to be deliverd in mail-boxes, at stores, gas stations etc. The general idea being that Posten would save money on not having to keep offices, and employees, as well as being able to handle most of our Posten-business at places we actually go to normally. Not having to strut off to Posten, as soon as we needed to do something mail. Instead we would be able to deal with that, when we happened to go to that store we visits anyway.

Now it seems that Posten wants to end the mail-delivery, the mailman services, and instead use other, "private" businesses to handle that service..

Now, I wonder. Posten, being goverment owned, and one of the oldest in the world, that once used to take care of our mail, transport it to where we wanted it, and deliver it to the one we wanted to send something to, aren't gonna deliver the mail anymore? Exactly what, is left for the company to do then? Sure, they still would organize to picking up of mail at the various places they've decided should be the places where we leave our mail (What stops other places to open their own "mail-offices", and arrange with Posten to pick up the mail, even if they're not licensed by Posten?), and they would sort the mail, and transport it to the places where it shold be delivered and hand it over to the ones that's gonna hand out the mail. What exactly, stops them from hiring some companies to go around and pick up the mail at the various in-store offices and mailboxes? What stops them from letting those companies to hand over the mail to some company offering to sort the mail? What stops them from letting some transport company make sure that the mail is transported to the towns etc, where it's gonna be handed out?

Then we're in one of the weirdest situations. I guess they still is gonna be the "general manager" of the mail handling, as in making sure that there's companies doing their business, but.. isn't it weird that a "Company" makes themself totally invisible and close down their own main business. The very thing they started out to do, in the first place?

How long does it take, before those various companies "take over" the contact with the customers etc? As in, if my mail gets lost, I'll have to deal with 4 or 5 companies, to try to find out where the heck the slip up was, instead of turning to Posten? How long will it take, before those companies starts to set their rules? I wonder how long it'll take before it becomes more expensive and more problematic to send mail?

When are we gonna have to visit that company, if we want to send a box with stuff, and visit that other company if the mail we're gonna send has a foreign destination?

When are we gonna get a commercial company that work as a replacement for Posten the way we knew it?

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