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It became an abrubt ending in the last journal, since I had to run to my work.

Well.. Black Mesa. Oklahoma's Highest place. As I said.. a really great looking place. For some reason, about there, I kinda hooked up with Santa Fe Trail, and followed it. Not intentional, but.. There sure were tons of "Historical Marker" all along the way, almost all having a connection with Santa Fe Trail.
Through Oklahoma, really really flat, up to Colorful Colorado, where I were able to buy a "25" Marlboro. For some reason, the only place I ever saw them, were there. Also bought a 3 l Dr. Pepper. For some reason, Dr Pepper seems to have a problem getting somewhere in Sweden. It's been avaible for a long time, but has changed distributor a couple of times, and even if it's with a fairly big producer now, they refuse to sell it in larger bottles than 0.50 l. With Dr. Pepper and Marlboros, I started out through Kansas. Well.. Kansas. Flat, straight roads and silos. The fields were almost all, circular due to they placing one end of the irrigation firmly in the middle, and then moving it around in a circle, instead of moving it from edge to edge in a rectangle which is the usual. In Kansas, a long way, I were traveling down the longest straigh road I've ever been to. Along the way, about 5 miles apart, there were a huge white silo, or 2, and a small village around it. The churches of Kansas, I called it..
Dodge City. An important place along the Santa Fe Trail, of course, and they sure takes advantage of it, with Western Museum etc etc. Whatever, it was kinda amazing to be in West Texas, and then following Santa Fe Trail. To be where the "Wild West" were. Something that, for some reason, has became a world-wide myth, with Cowboys and Indians etc.. And now I'm not talking about sport.
Made it to Salina, which I'd used as a target. Came there in the evening, when it were dark, and lightning further west, was ripping through the night. On TV, in the motel, they had a running text with warnings about the severe thunderstorms.

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