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Waco. The most interesting part of the journey. Spent some time as a guest in a family. They were lovely, truly.
At least it made me experience life there, a bit closer. Both getting a better idea of how my online-frined lived, as well as how life in Texas is.

Hmm.. were able to chat with one I were supposed to photograph while I were in USA, and it turned out I could've done it. We've been talking about it, but then it turned out while I were in USA, she would be in Hawaii. I thought she was, and didn't include her in the plans. It wasn't until I were in Waco, I found out she hadn't gone to Hawaii, instead being home and lonely with endless time on her hands, but by that time, it was too late to include her. Darn!

Left Waco for Lubbock, TX. Driving through West Texas was really great. I don't know. I just liked it. In fact, I loved Texas a lot, in general. Warm, kinda laid back and very friendly people. The only part I didn't like, was the radio. Driving through Abilene, it was tons of radio-stations to listen to, of which 90 % played country, the other 10 percent being Christian. Not that much of a choise. Made it to Lubbock Sunday evening. And, of course, the Buddy Holly Center were closed Sundays and Mondays.. Darn. Tried to find my way around, but.. despite liking Lubbock, it was hell finding your way around it, and after some attempts at finding Buddy Holly Walk of Fame etc, I gave up and drove to Amarillo, where I spent the night. At least, they had a really great Classic Rock station in Lubbock.

Moved on to Clayton, New Mexico, which became the furtherst West I came. Then drove up along a scenic road in Rand McNally's, towards the Black Mesa area on the border between New Mexico, Oklahoma and Colorado. A slight detour, but.. I'm sure glad I made it, since it was the most beatiful place I saw in USA, and only second after Scotland.

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