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Exciting life (Part 2)

Sent an e-mail, the last thing, before I rushed off to work.. Just a thing I HAD to do, even if the time were extremely short.

Went to work.. It was below the freezing point, but no snow. Actually, kinda nice, and I sure wish I'd bring my camera, since I came across a huge patch with what looked like a whole tree worth of leaves, frozen into a huge colourful rug.

Work was, well.. work..

Got a cig as I left home, but only bringing one to work. Had it at 9:30. Enough time had passed to make me go "look at the world spin" :p

Were able to finish writing out the complete description of the story of "Dearest...", the screenplay I'm kinda working at. Mailed it from work to myself at home, as well as frida.

Sorry to say, I had to buy a new box of Cigs on the way home. (So.. what's all that deal with cigs.. Well.. I've not said, openly, that I'm gonna quit, but I try my best to really cut it down towards a complete stop. On average, I think I manage with about 15 cigs/day, at the moment. Which is a huge cut from the somewhere between 30 and 40 I averaged only a week or so, ago. Since I smoke Marlboro's, which isn't exactly the mildest out there, I guess the effect of stopping is a touch harder, than if you smoked a milder cigarette. So far, I've basically managed to simply stop smoking at work. And I don't compesate for it when I get home, strangely enough. The problem is being at home tho, since I mostly sit at the computer, and has Marlboro's avaibable at home. There's simply not enough to "distract" my thoughts etc. But, I've kinda considered having cut down enough at November 1st, to make a serious attempt of simply quitting then. Another problem being that I've got no serious reason for quitting. I can afford it, I haven't suffered that bad from it when it comes to health. In a way, the opposite. I've suffered way less of Migraine since I started smoking, than I did before.. I basically just want to stop, and I do have a motivating reason (in my head) for doing it.
By any luck, I've said, I would have been able to totally quit etc, either by November 21, or at least before the end of this year.
Oh.. and another thing. I've totally stopped drinking Soda's, basically. Sure.. it's not like I'll never ever quit it, but.. I don't just buy a bottle of it, just like that, and I've started drinking (a lot) of water at work instead of the usual Pepsi. Hmm.. what's this?? Me.. turning into some kind of health freak, or what?? Acutally.. not really.. but.. well.. before, I didn't really care. Now.. let's say.. I've got some reasons to cut the crap, to feel happier and better take care of myself etc.)

Got home, and the first thing was to pee. I hate that, more than anything. I did start feeling the need at work, but not enough to think about going. And.. of course.. I really started to feeling the need, as I walked home. I mean really. Is it only me, but.. don't you get the feeling that if you hurry, hurry etc, to get home, or to a toilet, when you really need going, that.. when you put the key in the door, or something, that.. you suddenly can't hurry enough. Dunno if you kinda relax etc, which makes it more or less impossible to keep tight.

Became really happy. Gotten a box from (it's in Swedish), where I order my DVDs. Opened the box the first thing, and I've gotten "Ice Age" (Yay!!!!!!!), "Back To The Future Trilogy" and "The Piano".

Started up the TV and the DVD player, and watched "Ice Age" right away, and it sure is one of my absolute favorites when it comes to Animated Movies. (Now, one could discuss if Animated Movies should be a genre of their own, or if the movies should be compared with "Live Action" movies. The thing is, you can do an Animated Movie in a very special way, which is close to impossible to get in a Live Action movie. That way, you can't really compare them, because the possibilities are entirely different). But, "Ice Age".. it's such a great movie, and as I said.. one of my favorite ones when it comes to Animated movies. (Along with several others.. "The Iron Giant", "Beauty and the Beast", "Aladdin", "Watership Down", "The Secret of N.I.M.H.", "Toy Story 2", "Ghost in the Shell" and half of "Hercules").

Looked through a lot of the "Special Features", on "Ice Age", which really were interesting. A really cool bonus short with one of the characters, "Scrat", which really was hilarious. Also the very beautiful and touching Academy Award Winning "Bunny", made by the people who made "Ice Age".

To my delight, the "Back to the Future Trilogy" had DTS sound, so I had to listen to the final scene of the whole Trilogy, when that train lifts off and comes blasting over the audience. And.. with the volume turned up LOUD, it sure was a blast. Except that, you sure notice the age of the sound, which was a slight disappointment. As with "Ghostbusters", you get the sense that they've only taken the standard Dolby Surround tracks and separated them into separate tracks, rather than actually doing a "new" 5.1 sound mix. If they can do a convincing 5.1 remastering of the mono "The Outlaw Josey Wales", they really should be able to do better with a Dolby Surround soundtrack. Especially since it's a "loud" movie.

Having done that, I've made some tea.. and stupid me.. I'm using sugarcubes of Brown Sugar. It simply taste better, and add a distinct flavor to the tea, as well as, in a sense, being sweeter, so you need less of it. Yes.. I'm trying to cut down on sugar as well :P
Then, my stupidity, sure doesn't help.. Since it takes time for them to melt, I put them in first, then the hot water and the tea etc. Only that, out of habit, I open the cupboard and bring out the granulated sugar and pours in my usual number of spoons of sugar, before I remember I shouldn't, and getting tons more of sugar, before reaching for the milk.

Now, I kinda feel a need for thinking naughty thoughts, and have a nice time playing with myself.. :P

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