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Thom' Luka

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Exciting (Part 1)

So.. this is what they call an exciting life,right?

Hmm.. woke up at 4:30 (Sucks). No problem, despite not getting into bed until sometime between 30 mins past midnight and 1 a.m. (and still not being able to fall asleep in some time).

Went up, and turned on the computer.

Went into kitchen and started boiling some water for tea, and while it got hot, I peed and had a cigarette.

Hot water. 3 sugarcubes, Lipton Sun Tea (loose-weight) and some milk. Made 6 sandwiches with cheese. 4 of them for work.

Drank the tea and ate the 2 other sandwiches. Had another cig :(

Thinking about how to quit smoking. Seriously, for some specific reason, has serious thoughts about quitting. So far, I've been able to cut it down from somewhere between 30 - 40 cigs/day, to 15 per day. No problem..

deleted some new e-mails

Surfed some..

Looked at

had a look at

only got time for reading (she had a real lovely picture of a leaf on the snow) jema's journal, and made two comments to her.

Now. it's getting late. I have to get dressed and run off to work :(

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