Thom' Luka (luka91) wrote,
Thom' Luka

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Yesterday, kimbis sure "shocked" me, in the nicest of ways..

I kinda didn't expect it at all, so it was a surprise.

It was really, really nice.. :) (once I got over the initial shock :P)

Now.. she made me think about nice girls in labcoats, wawing a pekpinne, when I went to bed... Hmmm..

Well.. before my thoughts returned to the regular programming..

And... I'm going to Stockholm this Saturday.. only briefly..

Having to go to Arlanda, I need to go to Stockholm, to take the bus from there, back and forth. Still figure I've got close to 5 hrs in Stockholm, before I return home..

Wonder if, since that's closer to Vällingby, if I'm gonna take the bus from Arlanda to Brommaplam??? Would be convinient, but not sure if it's possible to get a return ticket then, for a low price (or if that has to be back and forth between City Terminalen.. )

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