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Literary Questionaire

Literary questionnaire via matttt

1. What are you reading right now?
Eric Schlosser's "Fast Food Nation" (What the American Meal is Doing to the world). I've only read half of it, but, I'd say it's a must read. Even if it kinda chronicles the growth of the Hamburger/Pizza expansion. How it came to be, etc, it's more of a description of the society we're living in, viewed through the fast food industry.

2. What were the last five books you read?
Actually, I'm lousy at keeping track of what I read. Of late, I know I've read: William Diehl - "Eureka", John Grisham - "The Brethren", Christopher Frayling - "Sergio Leone - Something to do with Death". I think I read one book every week. The problem is that I mostly pick them up at work, and read them there, and that way, doesn't keep as good track of them, as I keep track of the one's I've actually bought.

3. Approximately how many books have you read in your life?
I used to read a lot, especially until I were about 20 yrs old etc. I still read. I guess about 50 books/year, but far from as much as I used to. Never seems to have time. I'd guess somewhere between 1,000 and 2,000.

4. Approximately how many books do you own?
That's real hard to say.. A real fast count, I got somewhere around 350 books up in the apartment. Then I've sorted out a lot, which are in huge piles, down in a storage room (Because I don't have room for them). But.. I guess it's about as many, so.. I'd say.. somewhere between 600 and 800 books.

5. What's the oldest book you have?
Probably one of the books I had as a child.. Some Astrid Lindgren book, or something..

6. What's the most recent book you've bought?
Bought 3 at the same time. John Irving: The Fourth Hand, Eric Schlosser: Fast Food Nation and David Baldacchi: Last Man Standing. Not sure, but.. I've got the latest Stephen King Novel ordered at the bookstore, and I'm not sure if I've got it yet, and can pick it up when I go there in an hour..

7. What is your favourite fiction genre?
I would say "Crime"/"Thriller". Then I like "Sci/Fi" and "Fantasy". I like reading biographies, especially about people in the movies. I've got a fondness for "Knight's tales", especially older ones, such as "Le Mort D'Arthur". I prefer reading books in English, especially if they're a touch older. Love the language.

8. What is your favourite non-fiction subject?
Movies, "political" (society) and "myths". Oh.. and I love looking at maps.

9. Is there any type of book you simply won't read?
Not really. But I got a hard time continue, if it's a problem getting into it, at the start. I tire fast, I guess. I do have a huge problem with those 20 books-fantasy series, due to the stupid, lyrical, language they're using, more often than not. I think I'd have a problem with Women's Romance-novels.

10. What is your favourite novel (or two, or three)?
Gee.. Well.. I always say Abraham Stoker's "Dracula" is my favorite novel. But.. got a lot of them. Obviously like Stephen King a lot, and his "Dolores Claiborne", "The Stand" and "The Dark Tower Saga" easily could be counted as favorites. Sir Thomas Malory's "Le Mort D'Arthur". J.R.R. Tolikens "Lord of the Rings" obviously. Douglas Adams's "The Long Dark Tea-Time of the Soul" and "The Deeper Meaning of Liff". Richard Adams "Watership Down". The book I quote the most from, is John Irving's "Hotel New Hampshire". Donald Westlake always, and I mean always, makes me laugh out loud.

11. ...short story?
I've got it somewhere, but don't remember the title or the author, but, it was an incredibly neat short story, only one page, basically. Something about some visitors from outer space having came here, stating they'll pick the most intelligent one they're able to find on this planet, and that one would decide the destiny of the planet etc, and you've got this person hoping, until he figures out that they've picked a dolphin..

I'm not reading that many plays, but I do read a lof of screenplays. As for plays, except the collected works of Shakespeare, the only play I've actually bought, because it was a play and everything, was: Nell Dunn's "Steaming" (Which is a wonderful play (and ok movie)). But, I do like "Lysistra" a lot. Always got a love for "A midsummer-night's dream".

13. ...poem?
I'm really lousy when it comes to poems. If I have to say a favorite, it's one that John Irving has in his novel "Hotel New Hampshire".

14. ...non-fiction book?
The Concise English Dictionary

15. Have you ever read an electronic book?
Not really. Got some of Stephen King's electronic attempts. Then I've got some software I got for free: "Classic Library" with 2,000 complete works of literature". Got the last revision of The Holy Bible (in Swedish) on a CD-ROM.

16. How many?
Only attempted to read one, but.. probably, including that "Classic Library", I've got about 2,050 works, on electronic media.

17. Which do you prefer, electronic or paper?
Paper. You can't f****g read a book on the screen, really.. Then, of course.. you can carry it with you, you can read it, without problem, anywhere you feel like.. Even standing up waiting for a bus. Then, there's something special, to hold a book. To flip through the pages, the smell of the paper, the quality of the print. It's heaven, when you get an "untouched" book, where they haven't even cut the pages.

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