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And.. I'm totally exhausted..

A buddy/pal at work got married today.. and.. he'd asked me if I could photograph the wedding.. Kinda mixed invitation to the wedding as well as work..

Well.. met up with the two at 2 p.m., and photographed the "Wedding Pics".. before the ceremony started at 4 p.m.. Went fairly fast, but then it was a reception afterward, with food and drink etc, as well..

And.. well... used both the SLR and the DigiCam.. and.. well.. Basically finished off 3 x 36 rolls of film, and ended up using up about 200 MB (estimated) of the 256 Mb memory I had for the camera.. Actually ran out of batteries towards the end.. or I probably would've used up more or less all of that.. But then.. I mostly shot at the highest JPEG quality, insstead fo the "normal".

But.. well... In all, it took about 8 hrs, and.. that suer was kinda exhausting.. and not having slept that much before.. I'm darn close to fall off the chair..

So.. I'll just post this, before I pass out in bed...

And.. well.. I've realized that, despite not really having been interested before, I would love getting married (Before today), and.. well.. the wedding, in some ways.. didn't change my new interest in it..

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