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I woke up this morning, and was dead..

I guess.. being visited by an angel this weekend, would've clued me..

Well... working evenings, I went home an hour earlier, which was nice, because, well.. got me some extra time and rest, to prepare for the photo session with frida (Even if it got surprisingly little of that).

Woke up, with ease, early Saturday morning.. and rushed to get things done, before she came...
and.. she didn't.. :(
Well.. eventually, she did.. But.. much later than she were supposed to...

Was nice to get some extra time, but.. rushing around.. getting different times every know and then, meant it was hard to relax etc, and it being a real hot day.. I were kinda exhausted and out of energy, when she arrived..

I try to avoid making comments about people etc, but.. well.. frida really was totally adorable.. charming, interesting.. and being very attractive..
Well.. I'm shy, and usually very distant when I meet new people (even if we had chatted a lot before etc), but.. well.. I felt very relaxed with her right away..

And.. my big fear.. she didn't seem to be disappointed by me, at least.. (I'm kinda negative about myself, and kinda think people, who say they find me interesting, will be disappointed by me, when they meet me).

Now, because it was the first time we met (and.. the first time I've met someone from LJ), I guess we needed some time to.. well "meet".. get to know each other etc.. and.. well.. kinda cool down, chill out..

That way.. it took some time, before we get going, starting to photograph. Put on some Make-up.. (But.. it didn't turn out that good.. it was ok, but far from perfect.. My excuse is that it was a long time since I did it last time) on her.. I prefer to do it, since I know how I want it, to fit with the intense light I'm using.. (Which means you've gotta enhance the contours and shapes of the face etc, in a special way, and use tons of powder).

Well.. the photography.. Since I didn't had a relation with her before.. Had no direct inspiration to work from, I was slightly uninspired. As in.. I was inspired to photograph her, but had no feeling for her looks to work from, coming up with ideas etc. Usually, I've met my models before, and that way.. has some sense of how they look.. I'm able to work from that.. getting ideas etc, I can use when I photograph.. With frida I didn't have that.. And kinda had to work with what she came up with, or... at least.. in a more direct and impulsive way, as things happened, rather than having anything planned.. Even if I'm usually reacting to what happens.. I usually has some kind of direction I'm going in.. I try to avoid to directly control the models, in the sense that I order them to pose for that picture, in that way etc.. Instead trying to make them go towards what I'm "looking" for.. Makes them way more natural and relaxed. But, to be able to do that, one should at least know where you want it to go..

Now.. several things added up, and made it a strange session.. Not at all what they usually are.. Being with a model you've not met before ever, and got no direct sense of, having to move the session about 12 hrs forward (when you've kinda prepared for one time, and focus you energy towards that), it was an exhaustingly hot day, as it was.. we didn't start shooting until about 2 a.m., when it was dark outside which limited us to indoors (for most of the time..). I can't, exactly, say I were at my best.. (I'm forever grateful that frida was, in herself, quite inspiring and beautiful, so I could just photograph her, as she was, more or less, and get fairly good pictures, if not that varied and not as "stunning" as she deserves). Oh.. and then I was shooting with 2 cameras.. The digital one, and my SLR, and.. that was a new experience.. Oh.. and.. well.. it was the first time in a very long time, I had a portrait session, so.. of course.. I was a touch rusty, in the first place..

That way, I was more than nervous, how things were gonna turn out.. If I were gonna get any pictures I'd dare show to anyone..
Now.. I'm quite happy.. of course, I always want more, and.. has a hard time to think the photos are perfect, always looking for the bad things.. (and what they should have looked like, if they had been perfect).

At the end, when both tried to certify between our yawns, that we weren't tired at all (ok.. so none of us were yawning, but.. ). The air kinda went out of the session.. and.. well.. we kinda relaxed.. and she started packing things up... about 4 times over.. and way sooner than I would've liked (of course), it was time to get her to the bus and wave goodbye.. *sniff*.

Got home.. thought I'd clean out Edward's litter box, when the door bell rings.. Exactly what one hopes for.. sure :(
Ok.. a good friend of mine, who I like to talk film with, came by and returned some DVDs, and borrowed some new ones.... well.. was ok, to chat with him about movies we've seen etc..

He said goodbye.. and.. I went in to write a mail to frida, about some stuff I'd forgot to tell her etc..
Actually.. I haven't even dared reading what I wrote in that mail.. because.. a quite simple, short mail, took about 30 mins to write, because I, sitting in my chair and typing, fell asleep countless of times.. A first, for sure.. Actually, if someone had told me you could sit and type, and fall asleep, with hands still on the keys etc, I wouldn't have believed them.. But.. where able to finish it, and send it, at least.. (She was probably laughing her ass off, when she read it.. but.. )

Well.. it had been about 33 hrs, when I had been quite active (at times) and doing stuff, as well as only having got 6 hrs of sleep before that, when I were able to throw myself in the bed, and get some sleep.. I was afraid I were gonna sleep forever, but.. actually woke up just 2 - 3 hrs later, and feeling pretty good.. Which.. a/ made me start doing something about the pictures b/ made me able to chat with frida on AIM, when that poor girl finally got home, after a miserable ride home (with a 4 hrs unplanned stop) along the way c/ (because of those things) stay up way too late..
Didn't get into bed until about 1 a.m.. Having gotten only 2 - 3 hrs after having been awake for 33, that's a very bad thing when you have to get up at 4.30 a.m.
I didn't had the least problem getting out of bed, but.. I sure felt more dead than alive..

That way.. I'm kinda surprised that I recovered pretty well, and.. after being sleepy for the first couple of hours at work, actually has been feeling real good most of the day.. very awake and happy..

Two other Pictures..

Yes.. I know it's blurry.. I can't say it's intended that way, unless I lied to cover up that fact, but.. I can pretend.. It's my artistic intention to create a fast moving sense of joy, best expressed that way.. ;p


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