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No computer

Well.. I still have a computer.. working fine too..

But, I've decided to re-format, so I've sorted every file on the computer, and gotten rid of a lot of stupid files I've, for some reason, collected. Tons of ugly and lousy cam-pictures I've got no major interest in, copies of files etc etc. Major cleaning.

Only problem. I've run out of CD-R's. That means I'm in some kinda limbo. I don't feel I can go and see if there's some nice files or pictures to get, since I've already backed up that. I don't want to add a CD with a lot of different "loose " material.

Of course, since I've trashed or moved most of the files on my HD, I can't run that many applications neither, since they're either missing the files, or would add files.

So.. basically I'm sitting with a computer I don't feel I can use that much, and gee.. is it boring, or???

Well.. Track & Field World Championships in Edmonton starts showing on TV soon. For all Americans reading this. Well.. up in Edmonton (Canada), there's a World Championshiop going on.. Nike vs. Addidas I think. Actually.. it's Track & Field. That means.. They are inside an sports arena where they run a lot. Not all. Some do jump a lot. Both trying to jump the longest, or heighest. Actually, some use a Pole to try to get heigher, but they don't compete with the ones jumping without a pole. Some people throw things. Actually, it's the athletes, not the audience. It's really impressive. In the middle of like 50,000 people, they throw javelins (spears) or heavy sledges a really long way. But most of all, they're running. The most fun watching, and the most sexist, of course is women jumping. Also called: How to turn ordinary bikini bottoms into a G-string.

For some reason, they have the competition in Edmonton, Canada, North America. (Supposedly to get prime time TV in America). Edmonton where everybody is only interested in Hockey. North America, where nobody is watching anyway. Instead, we in Europe, who really likes Track & Field sport, have to start watching about 10 pm in the evening (Qualifications), and watch it through the night until about 5 am.
Woo Hoo.. Great Planning! In North America, nobody's interested anyway, in Europe we can't see it unless we want to sleep through the day. In Australia, where they have some interest, they would have to take the day off from work, to see it.

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