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Songs of hope and despair

Ok.. now I stole this from Morganstar (who in her turn stole it from sarahcide(?).

1.Song that reminds you of waking up in the morning: Nothing actually, since I have a boring beeping alarm-clock, or just wake up and hearing whatever is on the radio (which is on all night).
2. Song that's best to drive to work/school to: Now I don't drive to work, but.. I would say something with Blondie, who made the most perfect walkman-music ever. Or "Working in a coal mine" with DEVO.
3. Song that's best to drive home from work/school to: The Beautiful South
4. Song that's best on Sunday afternoon: Either Mylène Farmer or Reba McEntire
5. Song that's best to listen to at night driving: Now, the only CD I had the first half of the trip in USA was the OST "O Brother, where art thou?", it was basically the only thing I listened to, over and over again. With the sing-along and cheerful quality of many of the songs, I noticed it sure was a way of keeping awake. Especially "I'll fly away" with Alison Krauss and Gillian Welch.
6. Song that's best to listen to at night at home: In fact, the same as 5.
7. Song that reminds you of your childhood: Popcorn - Hot Butter.
8. Songs that are best for sex, or reminds you of sex: The American Graffiti Soundtrack, for some reason.
9. Song that's best for when it is raining: Winter - Tori Amos
10. Song that reminds you that you're in love: Anything Mylène Farmer
11. Song that reminds you of traveling: Can't think of any
12. Song that reminds you that everything is wonderful: "Det vackraste" (The most beautiful) - Cecilia Wennersten
13. Song that makes you cry: Starman soundtrack
14. Favorite music groups: Devo, Art of Noise, Talking Heads.
15. Favorite music group when you were 13: Kiss, Suzi Quatro
16.Music group that you liked then but do not anymore: I don't think you ever stop loving the music you loved when you're 13.
17. Music group that you still like after years and years: Suzi Quatro
18. Music group that you are embarrassed that you like: Spice Girls
19. Sexiest male voice: no idea.
20. Sexiest female voice: Danielle Dax
21. Most annoying female voice: Mariah Carey
22. Most annoying male: Bob Dylan - Great songs but better done by others, for some reason.
23. Male singer's voice that makes you cry: Arthur Simms of the French movie Subway
24. Female singer's voice that makes you cry: Emmylou Harris

An addition.

Song that makes you dance: Little Bitty Pretty One - Thurston Harris.
Music you would play if you got a male visitor: Moby or Talking Heads.
Music you would play if you got a female visitor: Mylène Farmer or Bryan Ferry.
Song at the moment: Lady Marmelade from "Moulin Rouge".
Artist you would most like to meet: David Byrne or Tori Amos.
Artists whose voice impress you most: Danielle Dax
Song at funeral: Either something in style of "Rotterdam" with The Beautiful South, or "Down to the River to Pray" Alison Krauss (O Brother, where art thou?")

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