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I'm only taking a short break!!!


Geez.. dunno.. Either I'm so sick, really out of everything called fitness or it's darn hot in here.. (It's 26.6 C (80 F) in this room now. I guess it doesn't help that it's raining outside etc, and the humidity outside is about 90 - 95% according to Yahoo).

But.. I'm so totally out of breath, and the sweat basically drips from me..

but.. then I'm cleaning pretty good.. Ceiling, walls, furniture, floor.. everything.. every (Except that I don't wipe of every book, CD etc).

I also try to throw away a lot of stuff I come across, that I no longer need. I simply don't have the space for it, as well as there being no point in keeping it..

Still.. it's so darn hard to get rid of a lot of stuff. How much one would be able to throw away, if one could make up one's mind about it..
I've got lots of books I'll never, ever gonna read again. Even if I've tried to cut down on non-fiction books etc. Wonder how many CD's I've got which is total crap.. Once upon a time, I bought 4 non blondes: "Bigger, Better, Faster, More!". It was total crap, and I don't think I've listened to it since I bought it... in 1992. The only good song, at least what I thought back then, is their major hit "What's Up?", which I already had/has on a CD-single. Even if it would be fun to listen to it now, maybe I'll like something. Doubt it.. Basically, I could just get rid of it. I bet there's more CDs I could just give away.. Maybe copy 1 or 2 songs out if. There's tons of stuff.

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