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They just showed a trailer for "Foul Play" on the TV.. It seems they're gonna show that old Goldie Hawn movie.. (Wonderful cast, by the way.. Goldie Hawn, Chevy Chase, Dudley Moore, Henry Gibson and Brian Dennehy).
Hmm.. Charles Fox really did some great music for that movie. It's one of my most treasured albums.. Of course, it also contains "Copacabana" with Barry Manilow on it as well..

Wish I lived in a house now.. As usual, when there's no work to fit the times to, I end up going to bed at about 6 in the morning etc..
It's a bugger.. Not the being awake on the nights, but.. what I can't do..
Have been cleaning on and off all day, as well as trying to get rid of a lot of stuff that should be done..
Now, it's 1:39 am, and I really, really should need to vacuum..
Wonder if I dare?
It's a fairly silent one, and.. well. the speed can be adjusted, and having it on low, it's fairly silent..
Or maybe I should wait with going to bed until I've done it in the morning?
The main problem is, it's the bed, and under it etc.. and.. I don't want to put on new sheets until I've been able to vacuum it..

Really should have some tea now..

Dunno.. is it just me, or.. But... when I read friends posts.. I kinda feel lousy if I can't comment on anything. Sure.. not every post etc, but.. well.. Some it was really long time since I commented on. I read all their posts etc. ane enjoy doing that. But.. I just can't seem to find anything to comment. Well.. I guess I can say that their posts speaks so much in themself, so..

Changed the layout of my LJ today.. I sure wish I were able to grasp the concept of the styles, so I could change it, and add some stuff in the layout..

And it's acoolsecretary's birthday.. Gotta come up with some great way of wishing her a happy birthday..

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