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hlu suggested I should post my pics at PhotoSig.

The problem is, I don't really know why? Honestly.

PhotoSig is a site where you can post images,and people can comment on them (You've also got DevianArt which works in the same way).

Sure, it can be nice to get nice feedback and/or constructive criticism etc.

But, in the end, I'm not sure what it matters, really..

When I take pictures, I do it because I want to, as simple as that.. It's fun, especially portraits.. But, very much is a need to do it. I see something that's interesting, and I want to capture that. I dunno, probably I've got some kind of "photographers eye", or something. As in.. I've got real easy to see that something would look interesting in a photo. I can walk past a house, look at it.. and directly spot the photography in the view. It's like seeing a bordered area, a rectangle/square, which will make up an image. If I'm lucky, I've even got the camera with me :)

Execept the actual projects, and some portrait photography, I rarely plan photographs.. That way, I have very little control of the photographs, in that sense. And even when they're plan, they are "improvised" within a set of rules.

In short: I take a picture when it feel right.

I've got among the biggest collections of images I know about, on my computer, in clippings in piles here in the apartment etc. Images that I think is stunning, interesting etc etc. I've got some favorite artists, in general. Magritte, Vermeer van Delft, Helmut Newton, Annie Leibovitz, Herb Ritts, David Hamilton, Trevor Watson, François Gillet etc.. On LJ, photo_obscura, uvaspina, laudenum and shiiizzzam among others, do the most wonderful images possible.

If you look at my images, and compare it with them, even if they're people I admire, respect and find inspiring, there's extremely little of them visible in my photography, and those are very different from each other as well.

It simply doesn't work that way. I don't go out and when shooting an image, or planning an image, think: Geez, if I do it like this, it will look very much like a Helmut Newton-image. Or.. how should I do this to make it look like Annie Leibovitz has photographed it. I look through the viewfinder, and when it feels right, I let the image into the camera. Hoping I will catch it as something resembling what I see. Sometimes, I'm lucky, other times not so lucky. Maybe I was wrong.. I've photographed someone once with a mistaken idea about what would suit her, and was completely off, not getting any great pictures at all, before realising how I would be able to capture her, quite stunning, beauty.

One can only photograph, or manipulate images etc, as what the eyes and heart tells you to do.

Most of my photographs I can't do again, as simple as that. They were shot then and there, with a certain feeling etc I had then.

That way.. comments about my photographs are, in a sense, pointless. Sure.. it's always nice to get a hug and a smile. People telling me that they like the images. It's encouraging. To go out and do more pictures etc.. It keeps me up, it keeps me happy etc, which of course would influence the images in a general sense.

But.. they'll never, ever make me go out and think. Wow, they really liked that image. I gotta photograph more pictures like that.

Many, especially photographers, can complain about my images being too much high contrast, that there's no gray-scale etc. Yes, I know that, but.. I like that. I had that very much in mind when I shot them. I do as good as I can, and I do it the way I feel that suits what I'm going for, hopefully.
That way. Somebody telling me that I should do this and that and the picture would be a lot better (in their view), doesn't affect me much. Next time I photograph, I still would do the same, in a sense. I won't think: No, I can't do this and that. I can't use this lens. I'll have to use 1/60 f-stop: 5.6 etc, to get a "perfect" picture.

That's not at all, what I'm about. I break every single rule there is, in photography. I constantly uses lenses you're supposed to not use. I use a film that's totally unsuitable for portraits, and general photography.
Well.. maybe I do, but.. the result are pictures that I like. I don't say they're good or anything. Actually, I would say that most suck, in a wider sense. But, I would never want them different, because, in my eye and mind, I've been able to capture what I was trying to capture.

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