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Friday. I hate driving in big cities. Especially when you don't have a clue where things are, and of course, in USA it being even slightly harder. Well.. there were basically 3 things interesting me in Chicago. Sears Tower, Holographic Museum and some Blues Club. Well.. The street I've plotted on the map, took me past the Holographic Museum.. but I missed it somehow, still.. it was Sears Tower that was the main attraction. No big problem findig the way there. Parking were harder tho. I should've read the website a little more, since it had a direction to it's own parking. Well.. found a place to park at least. I've always been fascinated by "extreme" stuff. High buildings, long bridges etc.. Now Petronas Tower in Kuala Lumpur is said to be the highest building in the world (if you don't count pure towers such as CN Tower in Toronto etc), but I'd like to think Sears Tower is the highest place you, as a tourist, can visit at 412 m (1,352 ft). Second: I see Sears Tower as more of a building, since you have a flat roof at 442 m ( 1,450 ft), while Petronas Tower has a flagpole at top that reaches 452 m (1,483 ft) while the "real" roof is only at 378 m (1,241 ft). With the actual highest point of Sears Tower being 527 m (1,729 ft).
Whatever.. having that fascination with high buildings, or high places in the first place, I couldn't miss Sears Tower when I were in Chicago. After about 90 mins waiting in line, I finally got up to the skydeck. Well.. what could I say. You saw a long way, people down on the street were extremely small. In fact, you had to REALLY look, to spot one. But, as with most tourist things.. it's mostly the "I've been there"-factor. At least it's that way for me.

After having get the car back, with the cost of parking, I decided not to start running around in Chicago looking at stuff. Instead I headed back to the Steak House where Vauntess works, and had dinner. Vauntess paid half of the bill, and most of the tip, which was really nice of her. And.. well.. the food sure was ok too. Can't complain. Instead of staying in Chicago, as planned, I started towards Angola, Indiana.

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