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Tour de France

For some reason, I kinda like watching Tour de France on TV..

I mean.. absolutely nothing.. well.. not that much at least, and when somehting happens, it's fast and far between..

Still.. it's kinda interesting.. as is my interest in seeing Boston Marathon, London Marathon etc, on TV..

I think there's several reasons..

That it's kinda "dumb".. kinda relaxing..

Since not that much happens, the commentators doesn't need to spend that much time commenting on the action, but can talk about it in general, giving lots of various facts etc, that may or may not be related to, in this case, Tour de France etc..

As for sport.. it's kinda.. suspensful.. nothing happens, nothing happens.. and .. you kinda sit and wait for it to happen..

One huge benefit is the, since Marathons and bicycle etc, is really long, and takes place out of a station.. It's perfect "touristy"... Being able to see the landscapes, see what towns looks like etc.. You get some sense of the place they're at.. (and way too often.. darn.. that looked great.. I'd love to go there)..

Hmm.. they just talked about an island close to where they are at the moment, which is surrounded by water only certain times of the year.. Some conditions being right for it to happen.. That way, if one wants to see it as the island it is.. you gotta time the trip. Sounds kinda interesting..

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