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The first thing I did in USA, basically, was smoking. Being a smoker, and not having smoked since Arlanda Airport, Sweden.. well.. It was about time. I smoke a lot, especially in front of the computer, but for some reason, I don't have much of a problem not smoking for long times. If I'm in a place where I can't smoke, I don't long that much for it. That way, I didn't have that much problem on the flight over the Atlantic. I guess it's psychological rather physical, that way. If I know I can't smoke, I simply don't think I could give my left arm for having a cigarette this minute. At the same time, you kinda "look forward" to the time you know you can have a smoke. Kinda targeting that time. Now I had missed one opportunity during the trip. The plane was very late from Sweden, and the time at Heatrow, London, became very short. I think I should have had about an hour to get between the flights, but as it happened, I had only 30 mins to get from Terminal 1 to Terminal 4, and the right gate. Half running etc, it took exactly 30 mins. Now I didn't had to worry. It took some time before the gate actually opened, and even longer before they closed the gate and take off, but.. you're not exactly willing to gamble on that, and stop and doing things along the way, since I didn't know where the gate was, and how long time it would take to get there.

Between London and Chicago, it was a Boeing 747-400, and gee.. those are BIG! 20 ft (6.1 m) wide, and I'm sure about 165 ft (50 m) long, inside. Since I had row 55, furtherst back in the plane, it was a "long" walk. Now I haven't travelled that long distance with any other than British Airways, I can't compare, but.. I liked BA.

O'Hare. It went surprisingly smooth. For all Americans, it's kinda tough getting into USA for non-americans. Lot's of questions etc to be answered. And.. depending on mood of the controller, it can be heaven or hell getting in. Now it was heaven. The woman I got, had a look at the form I had to fill in, in the plane, a look at the passport, a stamp in it, about 15 seconds, and I were in.. well.. at the baggage area.. Hmm.. I still wonder. If I had been denied entry, what would have happened with my bags?? Well.. Picked up my baggage. I sure was happy about it being there. With the very short time before the flights in London, being late there, one can't help but worry about it. I showed the "custom" paper to the man from agriculture, stating I hadn't visited any farm with mad cow diesease, and didn't bring any fruit or food with me, he nodded, and I was through, and really in USA.

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