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Do you seem to bump into the same people over and over again?? Without even trying..

Wynken I found, and chatted with, at "Spotlife" ages ago.. and, through that, I got to her site..
Then I kinda forgot about her.. finding the link to her site, new I think, when I was searching for links to put up on my site.. and we had brief contact as I asked her for a banner..

Then, I found her in LJ, and we were Friends for some time, before whatever happened.. and now.. I came across her again in some community, and visited her site (which didn't work for me, so I had to write her and tell her that, and she's changed that).

I found msbtch site when surfing, some years ago, and.. well.. it was about the coolest site I'd seen.. (and she still has the most wonderful ideas. Especially for entry into her world). Then I just bumped into her here at LJ and added her as a friend..

champagnekysses suddenly turned up at "Camrecord" (My other daily site), and she sure was the cam I always checked out. (sssh... don't tell her that, but.. she's about the sexiest person alive, and fun). And I was real sad when she suddenly disappeared from the face of this earth.. well.. InterNet at least.. Before, suddenly, I happened upon her, here in LJ.

Etc etc..

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