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Nature is cruel..

Sure.. I know nature is cruel..

But.. Haven't nature documentaries lately, been really tragic.

It seems they go for emotions a lot, especially the "nature is cruel" angle, even if they mostly have a happy ending.

They show a dead, really cute Serval, having been killed by leopards, and the next shot, is about a desperate serval kitten crying out for his mom.. (and you get tears in the eyes).. Now.. I didn't follow the show that well.. but.. I think it was another dead Serval, and not the mom of the kitten.

Sure.. death is part of life, and shouldn't be hidden etc, but.. as I said.. about every nature show now seems to be wanting to tell an emotional story.. very much like a Disney Movie.

Now.. I'm not that fond of nature shows in general.. still can't stand the detailed wallow in predators killing other animals.. Yes.. I know it's part of life etc.. Still, I can't stop feeling for the victims of the predators.. no.. not that they're killed. It's more the fact that they rarely is killed quickly.. imagining the fear they must feel, when they've got a lion riding on their back, teeth and claws sunk into their bodies.. and sometimes, not being dead, as some predator starts eating from them.. I mean.. imagine lying there, as something chews on your leg or something..
Teach the predators to us a gun or something, at least :)

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