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Film in China

There's an interesting documentary on Canal+ about film in China, right now..

Obviously, since the Chinese Goverment has really strict rules about what movies the Chinese should be able to see etc... there's this huge illegal market of pirate copies (which isn't as much done to earn money, as we in the west believe (since here, the only reason for doing it, would be to make money, or.. save money). The huge market exist because that's the only way people are able to see "different", foreign movies, which they never would be able to see in any other way. That's the driving force behind it.

The ironic thing is.. The only place in China, where you have total access to whatever film in the history of moviemaking you can get your hands on, is at the Beijing Film School (Which of course is, indirectly, run by the Goverment, since the students needs to learn the craft of moviemaking, and need those as examples).

Of course.. even if they study the craft of moviemaking, they're not immune to catch the themes of movies, and in that sense, very much becoming very "liberal", and will go on to make movies they would have problem showing in China.

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