Thom' Luka (luka91) wrote,
Thom' Luka

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Another one bites the dust

Seeing Jay Leno on TV..

with Lara Flynn Boyle..

And.. what the heck does she looks like??

There's nothing left of her!!!

She was perfectly beautiful in Twin Peaks.. and.. well.. getting more and more beautiful in various movies..

And now.. well.. scary.. (At least she'd be totally great playing Audrey Hepburn in a biography)

But.. well.. it's sad..

Heather Graham (The, by far, sweetest in Twin Peaks), Mira Sorvino, Christina Ricci, Reese Witherspoon.. just to mention a few.. All of them actresses I've considered among the most attractive.. (Before they got that "Hollywood" flu, or whatever it is). I don't mind skinny/anorectic actresses, if they fit in it.. but.. Reese Witherspoon looked so perfect the way she were.. Now she looks.. well.. just like anyone else..

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