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Carneval Pic in my last post

Sort of a reply to joyofmacs, as well as a thought that hit me..
In the last post,
I got a comment from Joy about the Carneval pic, and had a look at the picture again, and thought about something I hadn't thought about.. The blue sky..

I took that pic at 11 pm, or something like that.. It was after work, and I took a walk around the Rock festival/Carneval-area, before going home..

In a lot of senses, that pic feels "Sweden", in some way.. Late in the evening, it's only half dark, and the sky is blue (in the summer, at least .. lol), and there's some kind of "magic" stillness in the air..

That small carneval travels around, along with some others (I think the company traveling with this carneval has 2 or 3 versions, of different sizes), but that carneval isn't as much the point as.. in Sweden we've got something called Folkparks.. A somewhat old tradition. Once, I guess, all towns had one etc.. but, usually it's a place in the outskirts of the town, or somewhere out in the countryside. and.. it's usally kind of forresty with trees and bushes etc.. and.. it usually has a medium sized stage, a smaller stage with a dancefloor and lately.. a small dancefloor, usually closed in/house with club/dance-music.. (and.. one day/week they have a "major" (Swedish) artist (that tours Sweden in the summer) and dance etc. Usually some sports club or something arranging). They kinda grew up from some place where the farmhands etc, used to meet at Saturday night evenings to have some fun etc. Sadly, they're starting to disappear. For several reasons. The artists that's popular enough to get an audience, is getting too expensive to get there etc, and they have been replaced with a few bigger places and something that's become a huge thing in the last 5 - 10 years; City Festivals (Lots of artist, along with travelling "salesmen" selling all kinds of kitch etc..

Even if that's a travelling carneval, and not a Folkpark, I don't know.. that pic kinda reminds of the atmosphere..

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