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safe and sound back in home sweet home

Ok.. I'm back home..

Just woke up after a 10 hrs sleep.. Guess I were a touch sleepy after having been awake for something like 32 hrs, and having spent a lot of the time on airplanes, train, bus and.. airports (which of course is bad in it's own).

Kinda nice being in a place that stands still..

Drove 4,019 miles in USA, visiting 17 states (Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, Missouri, Kentucky, Tennessee, Mississippi, Arkansas, Louisiana, Texas, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Colorado, Kansas, Nebraska, Iowa and Wisconsin). Hmm... only some 30+ to visit still.. :) (Nothing against them, but I think I'll skip Alaska and Hawaii.. Even if I'd love to see the volcanoes of Hawaii, I guess it's too far away, and too little to do there. Basically the same with Alaska, but no volcanoes that attracts me... )

Well... it's maybe time to start planning next year... Vancouver, Canada, California, Arizona etc, as in.. Luka West Coast Tour 2002. (Any suggestions what I should do and see???)

Actually, I'm not that interested in seeing and doing that much stuff... A lot of it has to do with being alone, I guess.. to see a museum by yourself, I guess, isn't that much fun when you can't share the experience and talk about it, or if it isn't something I'm extremely interested in.. such as movies or music..

Actually, what I'm most interested in, is life in general.. Actually, the best thing about this trip was living with that friend down in Waco for some days, and get a sense of how they live..

Well.. I have to kinda settle down here at home again.. get things in some kind of order, and some more rest, before I start writing about the trip..

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