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Creativity 2

He ran into the room, making sure that the door got properly closed and locked. He backed away from the door, keeping an eye on it as if to see that it stayed shut. He backed all the way until he bumped into the wall on the other side, where he, exhausted, sat down. Hiding his head in his arms. He didn't know for how long, but probably longer than it felt. In the end, he was able to calm down, and stand up. It was dark in the room. "Had it really been that dark when he entered it", briefly went through his head.. Whatever. He didn't like it. He had never been afraid of the dark, actually found it comforting a lot of the time. But that was before. He moved cautiously towards the door. Tense, as if he expected it to fling open any moment. He put his ear towards the door, but couldn't hear anything. A weird thought ran through his head, "whatever it was, it might be next to the door on the other side, listening for him". The thought made him take a quick step backwards. He hit something that tumbled over and crashed loudly unto the floor and made his heart skip what felt like a lot of beats. Even if he knew he couldn't help it, he got angry on himself for being so reckless. Maybe, just maybe, the thing that was in the house had lost track of him, or if he'd been able to avoid being noticed in the first place, whatever. The least thing he wanted, was for it to found out.

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