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The Sexual Turn On Test at emode

Hmm.. This is the first time I've been to eMode in ages..

Gotta say it "sucks".. Before.. it were kind of free.. but now they've sure turned, as all other sites seems to have done, entirely commercial. I wonder how many sites, lately that has a + membership.. It's free, but if you pay this and that, you get all the extra stuff.. Everything Yahoo, nowadays, seems to be that way.. as an example.. It's free to get a Yahoo Mail Account, but if you want to be able to forward stuff etc etc.. it's only $?? etc.. (To some degree, Livejournal work that way with Paid Accounts, but.. at least not in such "Nothing's free" way that the pure commercial sites does it..

Now.. with eMode.. you get a short answer.. but.. if you pay $14.95, you get the big, personalized answer etc.. Hmm..

Whatever.. the Sexual turn on test (That cattika linked to)

Thomas, you get most turned on by personality!
People who get most turned on by a person's personality are aroused by the emotional or mental connection they share with that person.

That's what I've kinda always said, so.. I guess it wasn't much of a surprise..


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