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Jurassic Park III

Yesterday was a really lazy day... Did nothing, except seeing TV.. Guess I needed winding down a little after having traveled those 1,200 miles or something like that. Not at all sure. A quick look at map, and some calculating and I think I got about that.

Then, in the evening me and the whole family went to see Jurassic Park III.. yipee!! The first movie I've seen in USA, of course.. Now I've seen movies in at least 3 countries, Sweden, UK and USA.
The movie? Well... better than the 2nd, in a sense. OK, the second one was ok all the way 'till they got to San Diego. Having a T-Rex running around on City Streets is not a good idea.. A good thing about the 3rd, was, weirdly enough, that they'd gotten rid of everything resembling a story. Basically. Get them there, and have them run. That's it. Then, at least, you can concentrate on that alone. Joe Johnston is one of my favorite directors (Rocketeer and Jumanji) and he knows what he's doing,and are able to make a sheer fun thrill ride. I'll say that it's thanks to him, JP3 is a good ride. Another thing. The CGI/Visual FX is true perfection. Now the Dinos sure looks real, not animated as they've done in the previous movies. Thanks to that, and wider borders, has made it possible to create really great scenes with the Dinosaurs, as flying among them etc.

Oh.. of course there were a lot of Trailers.. Ice Age, some animated thing, looked really great and lots of fun. Made everyone laugh. That new Nic Cage movie.. Captain Corelli(?)'s Mandolin.. Well.. When I read about it, it sounded like a really great movie, and.. hey.. it's the people of truly great Shakespeare in love behind it, but.. seeing the trailer.. I'm not sure. Looked... "Traditional". It looked like a great love story should look like, which is bad and unoriginal. But.. who knows. It might be good..
Then there were another one.. darn.. don't remember.. Oh..Rush Hour 2. I liked the first one, and of course, this was a trailer, but.. it looked better than the first one.. More action, and actually funnier. But, as I said.. it was only a trailer. Of course. Reading about it, it sounds like Rush Hour-story turned around only, but.. actually doesn't look like that, that much.

Well.. We'll see..
Hmm... The movies I still wants to see is A.I. (of course), and Final Fantasy. We'll see if I get around to it on this trip, or if I'll have to wait for them back in Sweden.

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