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Well.. I'm in Waco, TX. For everyone having read my journal about my planned route, you'll see that I've made it halfway.. and.. so far, so good..
Well.. Saw Sears Tower.. Not that much because it interested me that much, but... well.. it's probably the highest building I'm coming anywhere near to get up in.. so.. it was basically to: Be able to say and think.. I've been up there.. 1200 ft or something.. But.. it was kinda awful, since the lines to the tickets and elevators was really long, and then I came there not long after they opened.. Really big tourist-attraction, it seems.

Then I went to Indiana and Ohio, back to Indiana, down to Illinois and Missouri. Well.. at least I can say I've been in Missouri.. at least for 30 mins or so.. Turned back, went over the Mississippi and Ohio River into Kentucky. It's about were they merge. Was pretty awesome sight. A bonus, kinda.
Kentucky was totally great. I basically just went through it, but it was a scenic road on the map, and I sure agree.. That close to the river, it was really lush, and the road was really nice, with cute villages along the way.. Saw some houses there I'd love to have.

Then down to Memphis, Tennessee. Wow.. Memphis.. Since I love music, in a sense, it was like coming to Mecca. Had to see Graceland.. Well.. I'm not a big fan of Elvis, but.. hey.. Elvis is, you know.. Elvis. Probably the most well-known artist in the world etc, and very much the birth of Rock/Pop-culture. As for the tour.. well.. you were kinda pushed in and through it, and out.. but.. well.. at least I can say I've been to Graceland.. Then I saw Sun Studios, and that was really, really great, and it was impossible not to kinda get affected by being there, were everybody, and then some, has recorded. Elvis, of course, Johnny Cash, Jerry Lee Lewis, Roy Orbinson, Ike Turner, B.B. King, Rufus Thomas.. all started there. And, of course. U2, Matchbox20 etc has been in that very room/studio and recorded.

After that.. Since I had been basically 1 day ahead of schedule. I was thinking.. should I go right away, and add Arizona to my Schedule, but.. intstead I kinda took it slowly.. Went down in Mississippi, amazing straight roads.. for like 5-6 miles straight.. at least the one I measured.. Then Arkansas. Awful. Boring landscape, roads in severe need of being re-done.. I was glad when I came to Texarcana.. Well.. Slept there.. went down to Waco through Louisiana. That was lovely.

Now we'll see what I'll do for the rest of the trip. Still awaits an answer for one I'm supposed to photograph. Kinda awkward when you don't know.

So far.. Not really sure what to say about the trip.. I'll have to do my examination of America in here, when I get back home..

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