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Got Braveheart - Special Edition DVD today.. 2 discs for some reason.. It's bad value since the only thing on 2nd disc is a promotional documentary/interviews about the movie, where everybody tells how good the movie is. With the movie, there's a trailer (Wow!!!) and commentary by Gibson. One would think they could've came up with some more stuff to fill the 2nd disc with. Historical documentary about Scotland maybe, or as with "Lawrence of Arabia", interactive maps where you can check out Lawrence's movements..

Now I wanted the movie anyway, since it's a really great movie. Along with "Shakespeare in Love" the best movie winning an Oscar for the last 10 - 15 years, and I didn't have it on DVD before..

Only one thing.. Some scenes.. For some reason, if you've watched "Monty Python and The Holy Grail", certain scenes are kinda hard taking seriously... Just watch the famous battle scene, when the two armys run towards each other.. Cut between them.. dramatic music.. Should be exiting.. but.. could've been directed by Monty Python. Scots runs, Englishmen runs, Scots run etc etc.. somehow, when watching that scene today.. I kinda waited for cops storming into the middle of things and putting a halt on events..

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