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Checking out the new Phoenix LJ Client..

Too early to see the major differences.. since it's the first time I use it etc.. but.. Seems OK.. as usual.. Love the client..

Slept long today.. Don't remember when I went to bed.. Technically I could check it out, since I sent a message on ICQ right before I went to bed..but.. oh.. ok.. about 5 a.m.
Woke up at about 10, when I went to pee.. Started the computer before.. to let it start up while in the loo.. but.. Felt so darn tired I thought I'd have some more hour.. and woke up at 1 p.m. :(

And delusions is the most adorable.. Got a card/letter from her today.. With a really cute image on the card:

Copyright: David McEnery

Even if I'm slightly mixed about all those animal pics... Sure.. it's cute.. But.. I don't know.. might be the sheer number of them.. Dogs with clothes, pigs with sunglasses etc etc.. And the constructed nature of them. Made to be cute, made to make you go: Awwwwww!!!

Sexy, rather than sensual (referring to my January 24 post: Sexy Sensuality).

Still.. it's a cute picture.. Thanks Miss Mac (Yeah.. I know it's Mc, but.. Mac is such a great thing, you have to be flattered :D )

AIM won't work for me :( Dunno.. it starts up.. but then just sits there, locking up the computer.. You can't click on anything etc..

Another thing: How do you sort dates in your countries.. Here in Sweden, we write dates in a numerical fashion, which automatically makes the dates come after each other:
Today it's 2002-05-06 (as in: Year-Month-Day). That way 2002-06-06, as an example, obviously is a higher number, as in becoming automatically sorted as later.

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