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"come on baby..rain..... RAIN. Thank you Jeesuss!! Woohooo!!!.. WoooHooooooo!!!!!" - Steve Martin "Leap of Faith" (last words in movie)

For those not having seen that movie, most doesn't like it that much, but I think it's a lovely movie which I'm touched by (and it has really great music), it's about this "Fake" evangelist traveling around USA with his Tent/show. Circumstances make the troup having to stop in this small farmers town plagued by this dry spell that threatens to kill the harvest.. Only rain can save them, which Martin, of course, use in the show. Of course, beneath that cold hearted attitued, he has a basically good heart, and as he gets to learn the people in the town, he wants them good. When a pure magic happens, he can't stand using that, and instead escapes in the night, leaving everybody, and has he leaves, it starts raining.

As I write this, and of course writing all about Tropical climate yesterday, it rains quite a lot outside, now. Apparently there has been thunder as well, but I was asleep during that.

Well.. it's with very mixed heart, I watch the rain. Even if it was a real pain, it was kinda cool with a heatwave.. the faschination with "extreme" weather (okay, not that extreme, but unusual, for Sweden). Then, of course, it makes the air very humid. During this hot week, it has been quite dry air. It's said that this rain's not gonna last that long, and that we will get quite warm weather again (not as hot as before tho), and that means there will be humid warm air, and that sure sux. Far more than heat.

At the same time.. The plants and the trees, and the farmers, probably needs a relief, and it has cooled the air. It's 21 C (70 F) now. Far better than the 35 C (100 F) the thermometer has shown this time, for the last 1 1/2 week.

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