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Nothing special day.. almost..

Got mail from wens, and that sure made the day really special.. I so love her!!! She's the greatest!! :)

Except that.. nothing special.. Went out and bought some stuff.. A CD that takes away the Region Coding from the Playstation 2, making you able to play whatever region DVDs you want.. as well as a Playstation2 Platinum game, Gran Turismo 3. Haven't been able to really test it etc.. but.. I love the graphic.

Today it's "Valborgsmässoafton" or "Last of April". A "holiday" in Sweden. I'm not entirely sure why, but it's basically to celebrate the end of winter and beginning of summer (and ironically, it's almost always really lousy weather.. often rain, cold and windy. It can be perfectly great weather.. warm and nice the week before, but as soon as that day that's suppose to celebrate the end of winter, it feels like winter again). There's various traditions in different places, during the day. But in the evening, it's always a get together in some place, thing.. with a huge fire, some choir performing some certain songs (traditionally it's a small men's choir), and in the end fireworks. Not that big thing.. mostly a way of crawling out from whatever rock you've been hiding under during the winter, get warm by the fire and say hello to neighbors and friends etc..

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